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Things I have done today:

# Cleared out the old LJ after putting it to PDF via LJBook. By clear, I mean DELETE DELETE DELETE. Very Cyberman. I'm done with that identity; I wish to create new things. I can't do that with the old snark and political comm baggage.

# I'm alone at work tonight. MY usual co-worker for my shift (now dubbed CW1) called in. The person from the other 3rd shift who works on Wednesday (now dubbed OCW1) is on vacation. Thus, it is me, myself, and I. Cleared out the current registrations for new machines. Updated all the niggling little maintenance tasks I have to do here. Got done with the usual work stuff at about 0200.

# OK, 5BX exercises. The aim is Chart 03, Level B, which is appropriate for my age group. I'm starting at Chart 01, Level D-. Following are exercise number, amount of exercise required, time limit given, and my actual time.
Exercise 01 / 2 / 2 min / 21 sec
Exercise 02 / 3 / 1 min / 41 sec
Exercise 03 / 4 / 1 min / 29 sec
Exercise 04 / 2 / 1 min / 17 sec
Exercise 05 / 100 / 6 min / 3 min, 4 sec

I perform the first four exercises again as a cool-down. Follow that with a full glass of water. Follow that with a full cup of broth.

# My news break-down and commentary

Murkowski becomes 1st write-in senator since '54: I really think this is a blow to the Tea Party. Joe Miller had the backing of Sarah Palin in her home state...and the Alaskans refused to go for the crazy. I don't think the shady use of militia members as bodyguards helped Miller very much.

Despite a deluge of complaints over intrusive pat-downs and revealing airport scans, the government is betting Americans would rather fly safe than untouched. "I'm not going to change those policies," the TSA chief John Pistole declared Wednesday. Well, that pretty much says it all. Unfortunately for our TSA chairman, it looks like federal legislators want to get in on the act.

The GA PSC is corrupt. In other news, water is wet.

A judge refused Wednesday to stop construction of a proposed mosque in Murfreesboro, TN that was opposed by some local residents who tried to argue that there was a conspiracy by Muslims to impose extremist law on the United States. Clearly, the judge is in league with the Taliban. Seriously, did they think this would get past the courts? This is as stupid as the arguments of pro-Prop 8 people.

Palin tells ABC she can beat Obama in 2012. Good luck with that. I give Gringrich a better chance than the Mama Grizzly.

Tea Party candidate elected to the House from Maryland is pissed he doesn't get instant free health care and has to wait 30 days for it to kick in. Better yet? This guy is a bonafide physician. He's pissed because he has to wait 30 DAYS? C'mon on. Clearly he's not familiar with corporate America, where the usual run is 30-90.


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