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An article from Breitbart's Big Government is Costa Rica: Libertarian Paradise? In it, a supposed letter from a Costa Rican pal of the piece's author lauds the libertarian virtues of Costa Rica and then goes to list things about the country. I reproduce the relevant part here:

By the way, there are no unions here. Malpractice insurance does not exist. And if you bring a ridiculous case to court, you lose your law license.
Are there downsides? Sure.
Super-low income taxes (11% corporate, ZERO percent personals).
Flat consumption tax on everything, no exceptions…but no IRS, either.
Very little government, which means few cops and firemen.
Few cops means the Second Amendment is alive and real here!
Few firemen, but in earthquake country, all the houses here are built of solid concrete.
There is no military, so no defense.
Bumpy roads, since the gas tax is so low. Then again, America has potholes, too.
Court system is slow, but so is ours, and we have tons of taxes.
Crappy jails, but then again, jail should suck.
No road signs, but GPS is cheap.
No sidewalks, but no one cares.

It’s hard to point to truly “bad” things about Costa Rica. Unless you think it’s “bad” that it doesn’t have these things:
No welfare
No unemployment compensation
No Social Security or Disability
No food stamps
No free housing
No free anything
Poor people go to school in church schools, which run off donations, and people help each other here.

I don't know what part of Costa Rica this guy lives in, but he's full of shit.
- Malpractice insurance does exist, as it is required to practice medicine under the rather-socialist universal health care system run by the government in Costa Rica.
- Unions do exist in Costa Rica.
- Income taxes on individuals do exist. They are 10% on anyone who makes $363,000 or over.
- But that only applies to citizens. Expats from the USA? Many, many taxes. Especially on things like stock dividends, inheritances, and so on.
- Do they have their own IRS? No. Do they allow the US IRS free play there? Yes.
- They have plenty of damn police. The Public Force, as they are called, is operated by the Ministry of Public Security.
- Only citizens and permanent residents may own firearms and then only if licensed. All firearm owners MUST be fingerprinted, no exceptions. 2-3 month waiting period.
- The government has increased taxes in order to develop infrastructure. Like roads. And sidewalks.
- And boy howdy, they DO have Social Security, universal health care, mandatory public education, disability, welfare, unemployment compensation, food stamps, and housing. The Costa Rica welfare state is one of the best developed in the hemisphere and makes us look like pikers.

Looks like someone is feeding Breitbart's pal a line of bull.
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