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First order of the day after getting to work and getting the bullshit squared away was prepping the new laptop. Sequence follows: Booted, ensured updates complete. Verified. DL/Install Firefox and Thunderbird, kill IE and Windows MP. Transfer profile from netbook to laptop and install in Thunderbird. A-OK, extensions all operative, proceeded with download from account.

Now for email. First, the email due to NK, because that's of primary importance to me. And then, I have to deal with the situation that's developed in the world of the TSA

Oh Lord. For those that don't know, I play a political nation-state game wherein I am the small tiny country of Uruguay. Except in this world, Uruguay became rational and atheist in the late 1800s and renamed itself the Technological-Scientific Alliance (TSA). Welcome to the world's first atheist technocratic state.

Since I've decided not to be a warmonger, I've been quietly going along, developing technology and becoming the Switzerland of the world. Now, I'm having to get involved in what will turn out to be World War 3, all due to the goddamn United States. No, not the United States of America - just the United States. What's the difference?

After the conclusion of World War 1 against the Bloody Red Queen, Victoria, the USA found itself the owner of Canada and several Pacific islands. Renaming itself via Amendment to the United States, the Republican Administration under Lincoln began the Purification to punish the slave revolts that had been funded by the former British Empire. This resulted in a mass exodus of slaves to the Caribbean; by the end, all non-Caucasian races had been exterminated in all lands above the Rio Grande. [0]

On completion of the Purification, the US began to be dominated by the Democratic Party, who eschewed the racial ideology of the Republicans. Instead, the Democrats had a far better goal: the "liberation" of all non-US countries, one by one. The Freedomization Campaign was brutal; a country would be invaded and its citizens would be forced to participate in an election. The choices were join the US as a state or remain independent. Those who voted for independence would be remanded into Freedom Education Camps and the country would be assimilated as a state of the US. A few South American countries fell to this, until the Free American Republic [1], the Western Republic [2], the Empire of Brazil, the TSA [3], and the South American Union [4] formed the Latin American League and said "Fuck off." The US then turned its attention to Africa, dominated by the Dominion of the Draka and the Islamic Sultanate.

Well, in 1931 (last turn), all that ended. Dissatisfied with the taxes imposed by the war costs, the Republicans were swept back into power for the first time in 40 years. The result? Cessation of hostilities with the Draka and Sultanate. Worse?
Alliance with the Martian Empire [5] and Imperial Prussia, currently dominated by the Nazi Party. War was subsequently declared on the Theocratic Kingdom of Italy, the French Empire, the British Republic, and the Empire of Japan. All space colonies held by those powers were overrun. The US, Nazis, and Martians are declaring themselves to be the Transhuman Alliance and that the world will be "Freedomized and liberated".

This has caused all of us down in South America to be, well, slightly more than fed up with the Gringo of the North. We can't use WMDs currently developed [6] to stop the US aggression due to the effective space blockade put up by the US and Imperial Prussia. So now we're pitching in together to quickly develop a new technology for weapons use...the Latin Bomba. Also known as ATOMICS.

It's just a pain in the ass. WW3 is going to end in tears.

[0] The only good thing that came out of this was the formation of the Free American Republic, which united all of the Caribbean together in a single nation. They are currently a member in good standing of the Latin American Alliance.
[1] Caribbean
[2] Mexico and Colombia
[3] me, Uruguay
[4] Pretty much all of Venezuela, Chile, Paraguay, Bolivia, and Argentina
[5] In this game, the luminiferous aether is fact. Mars has been inhabited for millennia. After overthrowing the theocracy, Mars has formed a new aggressive empire. We're all zooming around the inner solar system with Tesla-powered etherships.
[6] We grab asteroids from the belt, tow them by ethership, and drop them on nations.
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