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This is the most asinine series of statements I've ever seen. How the fuck can you assign the attribute of "bad" to an object if you can't even articulate what "good" would be when applied to the object? This isn't about Good or Evil, this is about "This brand of cola is BAD. This other brand is good cola." You can't complain about how RC Cola is shit if you can't even tell if Coca-Cola or Pepsi is any good. Or what good cola would taste like at all.

Also, what type of fucking moron do you have to be in order to FAIL at knowing what would be good to have in the object instead of bad? Even if it's as simple as the ABSENCE of said object?

All I can conclude is that [profile] badlydrawnjeff doesn't want to say what he really feels, that ALL regulation is completely bad and needs to be done away with. Probably because then he'll be hit by historical data about how regulation is not completely bad and does actually improve things, and he doesn't want to admit that.

Either that or he's a complete fucking moron who doesn't actually deserve that degree he supposedly slaved for.
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